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Children are miracles.  Believing that every child is a miracle can transform the way we design for children’s care.  When we invite a miracle into our lives, we prepare ourselves and the environment around us.  We may set out flowers or special offerings.  We may cleanse ourselves, the space, or our thoughts of everything but the love inside us.  We make it our job to create, with reverence and gratitude, a space that is worthy of a miracle!  Action follows thought.  We can choose to change.  We can choose to design spaces for miracles, not minimums


Anita Rui Olds, 1999


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Our Journey to become an 

Curiosity Approach Setting 

Promoting Awe and Wonder in Early Years

Our Journey to becoming a Curiosity Approach Accredited Nursery

We embarked on our journey here at Young Haymakers in September 2017 to become one of the first 'Curiosity Approach' Early Years settings in the South East.  The Curiosity Approach is a modern day approach to Early Childhood. Taking parts from Reggio Emilia, Steiner, Te Whāriki with a sprinkle of Montessori. It's a beautiful recipe book of wonderful ingredients, carefully mixed together with experience, passion and a love of Early Childhood. It's baked together in a mindful oven of loveliness that needs thoughtful professional educators to be mentally present, inspiring and forever curious about their career with little children.

Be Curious, Have Fun, Make a Difference!

Process over Product

At the Young Haymakers we promote curiosity, investigation and discovery.

For children to be CURIOUS about the world around them, following their own unique style of learning and to be engaged in the joy of DOING rather than the end result.

A Child’s Art is:

A freedom of expression

A sense of CURIOSITY, to make sense of the world through emotion and creativity. It is unique to the artist and cannot be replicated.  

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
 Pablo Picasso
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