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Forest School Adventures

Capturing some of the special moments from our Forest School sessions at

Young Haymakers Montessori Nursery.

Look deep into nature , and then  you will  understand everything better

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Albert Einstein

We have a mud kitchen site we use for Forest School sessions, which includes a fire pit circle and our outdoor Lodge classroom.  Our Lodge classroom ​enables our educators to extend opportunities for the children following their sessions or trip to one of our woodland sites.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for children to consolidate their learning, reflect upon their morning adventures and for our experienced teachers to extend their learning invitations.

We have access to a 40 acre woodland site and we have created various 'camps' throughout the large woodland.  Each area enables different opportunities, for example one has a stream, another a swing rope and wide large low trees, where the children have collaborated in building our 'tree house', which has had many adaptions over the years.

Another area which we enjoy is to walk to the paddocks (on the edge of the woodland) where the children can say 'hello' to the horses, in addition the terrain is flat with large tree branches and many interesting features.

Research confirms that when young children have regular access to wonderful outdoors environments their emotional well-being is higher.


Young Haymakers has many wonderful outdoor environments for the children to explore ~ promoting active, curious learners.

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