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Starting your journey 

The propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular individuals is a basic component of human nature ~ John Bowlby

At Young Haymakers, we understand how daunting the prospect of leaving other people to look after your child can be.  Initially, starting at nursery may be a very anxious experience, and this is not something we underestimate. 

As such we are committed to developing a partnership with parents from the very start to ensure that we meet the individual needs of your child. 


Our approach is positive, friendly, supportive and professional to ensure that we are there to answer an questions or concerns which are addressed during your child’s settling in period.

Settling In



At Young Haymakers, we offer a week of settling-in sessions for your child, with an additional FREE home visit. We recognise that every child is unique and therefore each settling-in plan in different and tailored to meet your child.











Home Visits


At Young Haymakers we offer a unique opportunity for your child to meet their key person and one of our Early Year Teachers in the comfort of their home environment. This is a wonderful time for parents to discuss any questions and go through the introduction process, including initial 'getting to know your child' questions to help the key person build up a picture of their unique interests, routines and any other important information to ensure that the transition from home to nursery is as seamless as possible.

Benefits of a home visit for the child

  • time to get to know their Key person in familiar surroundings

  • meet our Flopsy bunny who is always keen to play

  • see photographs of the Nursery and resources on offer

  • ask any questions about Nursery (if of an age to)


​Key Person

Each child is allocated a key person who will be responsible for monitoring the child's progress and keeping records about each child in their care.  Parents can view their child's records at any time and we welcome their input.  The key person is also the first point of contact for parents and daily updates can be made to meet the needs of each individual child.

The role of the Key person

  • to support you and your child through the settling-in period

  • form a trusting relationship with the child and family

  • offer continuity and consistency, helping you and your child feel safe and secure

  • be someone special to respond sensitively to your child’s individual needs

  • provide a secondary attachment figure for your child, crucial for their personal, social and emotional development

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