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Welcome to our Parent 


Our hub of useful information. 

Our Opening Hours


8.00am - 5.00pm



Holiday Sessions

During our holiday sessions, we predominantly open for 2 days across the shorter one week half term breaks (October/February/May). 

Then during the longer 2+ week breaks (Christmas/Easter/Summer) we open 3 days per week. 


Our Mission Statement at

Young Haymakers

* To provide a secure, happy and safe environment, where each child can play and learn in harmony with his/her peers

* To help develop independence and sociability outside the confines of the home. 


* To prepare each child to go forward happily and confidently to school


* To enjoy the process of learning and going to Nursery School


* To develop social skills and encourage an awareness of the needs and feelings of others


* To provide quiet guidance and positive expectations, together with consistency and continuity


We aim to achieve this through fostering his/her self-esteem and independence, and encouraging a lively and enquiring interest in the world at large.

We will combine the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with traditional Montessori methods.  We use the Early Years Foundation Stage for assessment. Children are assessed through observation in order to inform our planning for their learning.

“I could not be happier, Young Haymakers is well above excellent. I had problems leaving my son with anyone, he could not cope being away from me, I had tried many times... then I found Young Haymakers”

Sophie C - Parent

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