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The Great Outdoors

Encourage your child to have muddy, grassy or sandy feet by the end of each day, that’s the childhood they deserve.
                                     ~Penny Whitehouse

Young Haymakers is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty and surrounded by fields and woodlands. 

The children can examine the changes of the seasons first-hand, such as;

-watching crops grow 


-observing the deciduous trees change colour

- examining decay

Celebrating the seasons is one element of our inspiring learning environments we promote. To enable our children to observe seasonal changes.  To honour the natural world and its rhythms. 

Our Amazing Adventure Garden Spaces

Our unique garden spaces have been created to suit all of our specific aged children.  

These areas enables us to utilise a wide range of natural materials, incorporating loose parts, to facilitate high quality explorative, physical play.

By allocating specific areas children have the freedom to choose whether they wish to;

  • sit and play in the large covered sand pit

  • use the water table with pump and water wall

  • experiment with the sound wall and other musical instruments

  • use their imagination with the role play area 

  • immerse themselves in books, puppets and other props in the book corner

  • ride on trikes, balance bikes and negotiate obstacles

  • explore the investigation board

  • mark make with many different mediums

  • cook up delights in the mud kitchen

  • practice their gross motor and spatial awareness skills on the trim trail equipment

  • plus lots more!

At Young Haymakers we have invested highly in our outdoor environments as we feel it is vital to provide children with stimulating, challenging and natural spaces to play and learn safely.  

Our vision is to provide stimulating static physical equipment, alongside 'loose parts' resources, that together will encourage our young children to practice and refine their gross, fine and cognitive skills.

   The Garden

We are very proud to use our large garden to grow our own produce at Young Haymakers.  The children have opportunities to grow their own fruit and vegetables in our allotment as well as help to maintain our orchard.

We have extensive outdoor spaces, which provide the children with a variety of different elements. This compliments a large see-saw, wobbly bridge, tractor tyres, climbing wall, balance course and a wonderful sheltered space. Within the covered area we have specific spaces for a large outdoor sandpit, water, music hub, role play and a cosy book corner. This area is suitable for the children to enjoy all year round. 

In addition, we have a vast open plan grass area, with a large slide, and allotments which leads into the orchard. 

We have two Forest School sites, one which is adjacent to the garden and the second which is after a beautiful walk through two fields. Both offer wonderful opportunities for learning and development, for our youngest to our oldest children, enabling all to enjoy Forest School adventures.


All these wonderful experiences support the children's understanding and knowledge of where food comes from, how to take care, nurture and observe the complete life cycles of growing food. This enables them to become confident, curious, active learners about the world all around them. 

“They provide a highly effective curriculum which covers all areas of learning with interesting challenging activities.”

- Ofsted

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