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The Montessori Philosophy 

The six core areas of learning:


Practical life






Carefully structured activities in these areas, often using specially designed Montessori equipment make it easier for the child, providing them with a broad platform of knowledge and skills which supports their future learning. 

The skilful staff consistently add challenge and help children to make links, remember and build on previous learning.

They actively encourage them to think and experiment. 

                                                              Ofsted 2022

A child's early years - from birth to six - are the period when he/she has the greatest capacity to learn and the greatest appetite for knowledge.  The Montessori approach starts from a number of fundamental beliefs, that children are all unique individuals, that they all have immense potential, that they want to learn and be busy. 

What adults do during these critical years lays the foundations for all their future learning, for their sense of themselves, their confidence, self-esteem, respect and interest in people and the wider world around them. 

Montessori Directresses seek to guide rather than control. They are not there to impart knowledge but to provide opportunities to learn in an environment in which this is most easily achieved.  Children are invited to learn rather than imposed upon and they are encouraged rather than enforced.  

Equally, the Montessori approach provides children with the freedom to make choices and to pursue them without interruption.

It is about giving each unique child the opportunity to progress at their own speed, rather than driving them towards rapid advancements, early achievements or any other externally fixed goals. 

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