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Frequently asked questions

Is there a waiting list in operation?

Yes, we do have a waiting list and we strongly advise parents to be proactive about planning their child's care and education.

Our suggestion is to short list the settings which you consider will best suit your baby, toddler or young child needs (and yours), then arrange viewings to ensure the indoor, outdoor environments, opening times, staff meet your aspirations and requirements.

What should my child bring with them to nursery?

Lunch box/bag, drink bottle and a contribution to our healthy eating policy of fruit, vegetables or other healthy food for the children's snack time.

At least two full changes of clothes, more if toilet training, in their bag. 

Sun hats, sun cream for spring/summer. 

Outdoor coat, all-in-one/wet suit, wellington boots, warm hat, waterproof gloves for autumn/winter.

Please clearly label all of your child's belongings with their full name.

Do I need to provide nappies?

Yes please, we require nappies, bags and wipes for each session.

What is the settling in period?

We offer a two week settling in period, where you will have the opportunity to come along during these weeks. You ill be invited to stay and play with your child, then gradually the key person, as the secondary attachment figure, will help support your child and start to build up a relationship with you and your child.

If I need my child to leave the setting, what is the notice period?

We require a full term's notice.

Is there an outdoor space?

Yes, we have a free-flow system into our immediate large outdoor space where there are plenty of opportunities for your child to explore rich sourced areas within the space.  Our outdoor area is divided into two zones, one is our purpose built all year round area that includes;

  • a large climb in sand pit

  • large water tray with pump

  • a music area with sound wall and wooden xylophone

  • large role play area

  • challenging physical apparatus such as balance beams, climbing wall, wobbly bridge, tunnel

  • discovery boards, mark making opportunities, numerals plus lots more.

  • Investigation Boards

  • Mirror Wall, Number and Alphabet Boards

  • Block area: Outdoor Community Playthings Outlast blocks, ramps and crates

Our second zone is a large grassed area that is in places banked and includes;

  • our orchard with vegetable and growing area (new kitchen garden planned for 2017!)

  • a large slide (set in the bank)

  • lots of space for the children to create with loose parts

  • access to our new Forest School area with play house, mini beast habitat, mud kitchen, herb garden

  • Large Gazebo sheltered area

  • outdoor Lodge classroom

  • all set within and surrounded by glorious farm land and country views.

Additionally, we run Forest School sessions in the 40 acre woodland we have access to.

​​​How will I be informed of my child's development?

You will be invited to regular 'Working in Partnership' (WiP) meetings to discuss your child's development, where you will be invited to contribute your thoughts, ideas and collaborate your child moving forward on their journey here.

The first meeting is usually arranged six weeks after they have started.

In consultation, with you the parents, and after reflection on the many observations, your child's key person will be in a position to plan specific next experiences for your child.  These meetings will be initiated twice a year and regular termly informal meetings/conversations with your child's key person to ensure you are kept informed of your child's progress and their next steps in learning and development.

We will work in partnership to support your child through key developmental stages, such as potty training, supporting behaviour and new siblings.  Additionally, you can request a WiP meeting at anytime.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What food is provided for the children?

A morning and afternoon snack are provided. We are part of the nursery milk scheme and your child will be offered 1/3 pint of milk each day they attend nursery. We ask our parents to make a contribution to our healthy eating policy by providing fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods; this enhances the range we provide so the children can have a wider choice.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept most childcare vouchers , your childcare voucher company will require our unique Ofsted registration number, address and bank details.

All children are eligible for 15 FREE funded hours in the first full term after their third birthday. (In some circumstances funding may also be available for two years olds - please contact the nursery manager for more information).

What information should I expect whilst my child is at nursery?

  • Termly ITM observations and next steps for nursery and home learning

  • Parent meetings (twice a year)

  • Milestone reports -27month check

  • Assessments (three times a year)

  • Termly newsletters

  • Daily communication via our communication board

  • Frequent emails to update parents

  • Facebook posts, ideas and updates

Policy on changing sessions

Sessions are booked on registration, any alteration to this pattern will require one term's notice. Extra sessions can be booked if places are available but swopping sessions ad hoc is not usually possible.

When will my child be eligible for the Early Years Education Entitlement?

All children are eligible for 15 FREE funded hours in the first full term after their third birthday. In addition some children will be eligible for two years old funding. For more information please contact Miss Karen.

How can I read your latest Ofsted report?

Please see our Ofsted links page

How do I book extra sessions?

Contact the nursery manager to discuss availability.

Do I need to let you know if my child will not be attending nursery?

Yes, it is important that you contact the nursery to let us know. The nursery manager has a statutory duty to record any absenteeism particularly if ill health is due to a communicable illness. Full fees will still be required if your child does not attend due to ill health.

What have you put in place since COVID-19?

We have put extensive new procedures and made vast changes to the nursery to ensure that we are keeping both our staff members and our young children as safe as we possible can.  Additional cleaning and sterilizing procedures occurs daily. 

We have now three family groups.  Parents and staff are maintaining social distancing. We have created three separate entrances, for each family group, and three designated indoor and outdoor spaces for each group.  We are predominantly outdoors in our learning spaces, this is an existing ethos and part of our culture and practise at Young Haymakers.  Further information will be discussed for perspective families during their visit to the nursery; currently personal viewing can not take place until the infection rates significantly reduce and then they will only take place on a Saturday when the staff and children are not in.