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Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard.

                                              Walt Whitman


The children are provided with a wide choice of tasty and healthy snacks at each session; this ensures a rich range of fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates are offered.  Parents are invited to support our healthy eating policy by bringing in fruit and vegetables each week for snack. These contribution compliment the range we offer the children daily and widens the choices the children can make.  


Many cooking experiences are available throughout the term. Using our home grown produce ensures that the children can enjoy eating a crop they have nurtured and grown. In addition they are able to practice a wide range of experiences which promotes their knowledge and develops their independent skills.


Children help to prepare the snack with the teachers. They are able to use real tools to cut the fruit and vegetables and set out the table ready to enjoy this time with friends. Children are encouraged to be independent during snack, helping themselves to a china cup and plate, choosing which fruit, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates they would prefer to eat.  Snack is a lovely tranquil time for the children to chat with friends and we find that the children really enjoy this time of the day. 

All staff regularly attend training courses to ensure they meet food hygiene and safety requirements. All of our staff have Food Hygiene Level 2 certificates. We have specific policies and procedures relating to health, safety, food handling, allergies and parent preferences which we follow.

Working together with parents/carers ensures that children are provided with food and drink that is suitable for them and manage any specific health issues.

Children have access to fresh drinking water at all times from a water fountain located in the main nursery.


Parents are asked to bring a packed lunch for their child.  Staff sit and enjoy lunchtime with the children, assisting them to manage their independence to open and unwrap items and help themselves to fresh drinking water. We try to keep this a calm, enjoyable time for the children, often listening to classical music or a story. It is another social experience where the children can choose to sit with their friends and enjoy their lunch together.

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