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Learning Environments

Play is the work of childhood ~ Jean Piaget

At Young Haymakers we continually strive to be reflective as a team to ensure our environment both inside and out are enabling for all of our young children to explore, learn and strive. 

In Early Years the levels of well-being are fundamental to children’s development and progress. Thoughtful caring practitioners, ensure secure relationships are formed, building connections and helping children to settle into nursery life.  Practitioners must not only work hard to develop these attachments, remembering the physical environment is fundamental to children’s well-being too.

Authentic Resources


At Young Haymakers, we absolutely love Authentic resources, recycled materials and loose parts.

As part of The Curiosity Approach Accreditation we have undertaken, we aim to ensure that environments and children’s play spaces offer a calm & tranquil place to become engaged in deep levels & sustained thinking.

Our educational setting is adorned with authentic wooden, metal, brass, ceramic, china and many other materials to create a natural tranquil  feel throughout. 

By having authentic resources for our children to engage with, ensures open-ended play opportunities.  The time to examine, investigate and explore infinitely variable and immensely beautiful items. 

These authentic resources offer children the opportunity to experience nature first hand and become connected to our natural world through play. Just as importantly, by recycling and re-using authentic resources we are ensuring that we do our small bit for the environment and prevent these beautiful items going into land fill before their time.


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